The Drum Network


Hopefully, we’ve done a pretty good job of telling you everything you need to know about membership, but here’s a few more nuggets just in case…


Thank you for your interest in joining the Drum Network. Being a Network member is all about building relationships – with The Drum global team and with your fellow Network members.

We’ve answered a few of the questions we regularly get asked below but we’d also love to meet you properly so please don’t hesitate to get in contact and we can kickstart a conversation.

How many members do you have?

We have approximately 170 member agencies based across the UK, Europe, USA and Asia.

What type of agencies are involved?

Members' specialisms range from creative, experiential, design and build through to search and social. Made up of ambitious and innovative leaders, they are on the route to, or are already, world-class.

How many opportunities will we have to take part?

It’s yours for the taking. As you can see, The Drum Network members are a diverse bunch, and we like them that way. The more diverse, the broader range of expertise we have to draw on. The more brilliant thought leadership, the more great content we have to publish and people we have to profile.

Are there limits to involvement?

No limits at all. Roundtables are usually restricted to one person per member and where we’re over-subscribed, we’ll select the best people for the job, similarly for speaking opportunities. Regarding insight, opinion and thought leadership, we’re happy just as long as it’s great content.

“Since being part of The Drum Network, our ideal clients and brands have learned and discovered more about our services. This has resulted in a direct uplift in referrals and is reflected in our rapid business growth.”

James Pitts-Drake, founder & CEO, Optimizon